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ASTP - Fundamentals of Technology Transfer

22 · 24 Enero 2020
Sitges, Barcelona

This course will guide you through the basic processes of technology transfer – from receiving and evaluating an invention disclosure to pitching for investment, and negotiating deals. You will learn from experienced technology transfer professionals and have an opportunity to network with your peers.

Through a mixture of seminar-style presentations, case studies, interactive analysis and discussions, you will learn the fundamental skills of a technology transfer professional. This is a unique opportunity to learn in a small collaborative group from experts who have accumulated decades of insights and specialist knowledge. Over the three days, you will develop your skills and acquire know-how vital to becoming a successful Technology Transfer Officer.

This three-day course is for people relatively new to technology and knowledge transfer with less than 2 years’ experience. The course is developed for professionals, from both public and private institutions, entrepreneurs and consultants. Designed for those working within a university TTO / KTO,linked directly or indirectly to technology transfer activities and wishing to learn more about knowledge and technology transfer. This is a great way to develop a strong foundation of knowledge if you wish to advance your career. Many TTO/KTO professionals have benefited from this powerful professional development launch pad.