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enero-diciembre 2018

nnovation Practitoners es una iniciativa de PONS Escuela de Negocios y RedTransfer cuyo objetivo es atender las necesidades de capacitación de los gestores de  I+D+i procedentes de diferentes entornos profesionales, como empresas, organismos públicos de investigación y universidades, centros de innovación y tecnología, hospitales o parques científicos y tecnológicos.

29 y 30 de enero de 2018
PONS IP - Glta. Ruben Dario, 4 28010 Madrid

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curso 2017-2018
PoliformaT · on-line


24 - 26 de enero de 2018
Sitges, Barcelona

This highly interactive course, we will explore the many different facets of the licensing process through case studies, teamwork and workshops. You will learn from experienced practitioners – those who have negotiated many complex license agreements. And you will meet both academia and industry counterparts to understand their different perspectives on licensing technologies.


24 - 26 de enero de 2018
Sitges, Barcelona

Participants will become acquainted with the different terminology used in software and computer implemented inventions, as well as the implications of software development for due diligence and licensing. The course will deliver an understanding of the different forms of IP that apply in software, and how to use them, as well as the know-how on designing business models around software and computer-implemented inventions, and how to scale them.

24 - 26 de enero de 2018
Sitges, Barcelona

Most knowledge transfer courses assume that the partner is already identified and concentrate on the ‘technical’ aspects of structuring a robust deal.